Introducing The Plume Cables Beanie

The knitting pattern for Plume Cables Beanie, a cabled knit beanie inspired by a peacock’s plume, has a fresh new look!

This hat was one of my very first designs way back in 2014, and it’s been a staple in my winter wardrobe ever since. I thought it was time to give the written pattern the glam-up this unique beanie deserves.

Download Plume Cables Beanie on Ravelry and on Etsy

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Plume Cables Beanie is knit with worsted weight yarn that appears more like a trendy bulky knit thanks to the all-over cabling. I used Lion Brand Touch of Alpaca® Yarn in the color Goldenrod. I can’t tell you how soft and cozy this yarn is — it’s something you need to get your hands on asap! It’s similar to sheep’s wool but warmer, softer and hypoallergenic. Win, win, win! It’s also machine washable (score!).

But if you want to try something different, here are some other yarns that would work well.

Plume Cables Beanie Yarn Substitutes:

This hat is also a great pattern for those familiar with cable knitting but looking to advance their skills. There are no charts — it’s all written out — and very repetitive, so you’ll have many, many chances to practice your cable knitting skills.

My favorite part about Plume Cables Beanie is how the cables gently shape together into a single point at the top. It’s a beautiful detail that really sets this hat apart from others.

So what’s new in this version of the Plume Cables Beanie pattern?

  • Clearer instructions
  • Large print
  • New beautiful photos from Apis Photography
  • New yarn suggestion (see my note above about the alternate yarn suggestions)

The overall hat design is unchanged, but these updates give it new life.

More details about the Plume Cables Beanie, including measurements and needle size, are available on the Plume Cables Beanie Pattern Page.

Download Plume Cables Beanie on Ravelry and on Etsy

If you make this hat, please share on Instagram with the hashtag #PlumeCables and tag me @KnitJulep. I’ll try to share each of your projects!

Happy knitting!


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