New Pattern: Two Hearts Handwarmers

We’re just about a week away from Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to kick those knitting needles into high gear.

Yesterday I talked about a fun craft project you can make with some pompoms and floral wire (no knitting experience required!). My sister and I had a great time making those.

Check out the Valentine’s Day Pompom Wreath instructions here >

But now I can finally share this heart-themed knitting pattern I’ve been working on!

Meet the Two Hearts Handwarmers:


These fingerless mitts bring out one of my favorite things about a simple, little ol’ knitting stitch: the v’s of each stitch look like tiny hearts if you look closely.

I made a few swatches and came up with this vertical pairing of two “hearts.” I love the way they look like a perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day, but the pattern is also subtle so they can be worn year round.


Keeping this as a fast, easy pattern was top of mind for me as I was designing the warmers. I rarely plan far in advance for smaller holidays like Valentine’s Day, but I always get inspired to do a ton of last-minute crafts.

The Two Hearts Handwarmers are knit flat then seamed up the sides (with a space left open for your thumb to peek through). I love doing colorwork in the round so I don’t have to purl at all, but I promise the two-sided colorwork here is still easy.

And look how pretty you can make the wrong side when you only have two colors to manage:


As the designing of the pattern was coming to a close, I started thinking about what to call these fun little handwarmers. Well, there’s the obvious “two hearts in the pattern” inspiration for the name Two Hearts Handwarmers, but there’s also this song from Katie Herzig. Give it a play, and I think you’ll see why I hear it every time I look at these handwarmers:

(Two hearts are so much better than one, right?!)

I mentioned one of the things I love about the pattern here is that it’s subtle. It doesn’t scream “HEARTS! LOVE! VALENTINE’S DAY!” like a lot of other themed accessories can.

So I’m looking forward to making these in other color combinations for other times of the year. Here are some color pairings I’m thinking of for my second set:

The yarns above are Knit Picks Brava Worsted in  colorways (starting with top row, left to right) Almond, Clarity, Dove Heather, Blush, Persimmon and Fig.

The Two Hearts Handwarmers knitting pattern is available in both my Ravelry and Etsy shops.

P.S. If you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s hat project, check out my Be Mine Valentine’s Hat pattern on Ravelry. It’s a FREE download!


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