Valentine’s Day Pompom Wreath: Free Craft Project!


Valentine’s Day has always been a day for making fun, cute crafts with my sister. There’s been everything from tissue paper flowers to heart shaped cookies over the years. If you pass through the room during these crafting days, you’re most likely to hear only the words “How cute!””Look at this!” and “Aww, I love that!” over and over.

So why make this year any different? The tradition continues! And we’re crafting a bit earlier than normal so you can make one of your own by Valentine’s Day.

The idea for this super simple Valentine’s Day project came to me right as I was climbing into bed one night. I was doing some cleaning earlier that day and found a bag of unused faux flowers and floral wire. (At some point it was supposed to be a flower crown but, well, I never made it.) I wondered what else I could use the floral wire for, and so the 2017 Valentine’s Day craft idea started to form.

What if I took that floral wire, shaped it into a heart and strung red, white and pink pompoms onto it for Valentine’s Day? So simple! Plus it’s easy for both knitters and non-knitters (but my knitting friends will especially love how they can use up leftover balls of yarn in this project).

To do this craft, just gather up some floral wire, yarn and a pompom maker.

Oh, and put on the tea kettle. Because what’s a good old fashioned crafting day without some tea?

Check out the instructions below to make your own Valentine’s Day Pompom Wreath.

Valentine’s Day Pompom Wreath

Free Valentine’s Day Craft Project


  • Floral wire
  • Various Valentine’s color yarn (pink, red and/or white)
  • Pompom maker (any size you’d like; we used the 1 5/8 in. size)
  • Scissors

Crafting Time

Approx. 1 hour


  1. Cut 18 in. of floral wire for a heart approx. 7 in. tall. If the wire is thin like ours was, cut 2 lengths and twist them together to make the heart frame sturdier. It’ll get weighed down some as the pompoms go on.
  2. Using your hands, carefully bend the floral wire into a heart shape. The ends of the wire should be positioned at the point where the two curves at the top of the heart meet. Leave the ends disconnected for now — we’ll join them together at the end of the craft!20170204_145834
  3. Start making your pompoms! Choose one color, alternating colors or three colors at random. Maybe even try making a two-color or color-dipped pompom.20170204_1646232

    You can try a different size pompom maker than we used as well. Mix it up and use multiple sizes on one heart, if you’d like. This step is entirely up to you. Just keep it fun and let it reflect your personality! That’s the only rule here.

  4. After you’ve made a handful of pompoms, start stringing them onto the wire right through the center of the ‘pom. Position the first one at the bottom point of the heart. Continue to fill both sides of the wire heart with your pompoms until there’s no space left.20170204_162242.jpg
  5. Carefully secure the wire ends by twisting the two together. Adjust the pompoms to cover up the twist.20170204_162326

That’s it! Congrats on your new craft!

If you want to change things up and make some different versions of your Valentine’s Day Pompom Wreath, try these ideas:

  • Cut a longer length of wire for a bigger heart, or do a smaller one with less wire.
  • Vary your pompoms by size and color, as mentioned in Step 3.
  • Tie a fun ribbon on to help hang it.

Check out my sister’s and mine side-by-side. Hers is the fun multicolored one. Mine reminds me of a fluffy bunny tail with that white pompom at the bottom.



And that’s our 2017 Valentine’s Day craft project! We had a fun time making these in one afternoon, and hope you have a great time doing the same.

P.S. Knitter Friends, stay tuned for a brand new Valentine’s Day special pattern release. It’s a fast, fun project that there’s still time to do before the special day!




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