Free Knitting Pattern: Afternoon Trivet

Come 3 p.m. in the afternoon, I always have a craving for a warm cup of tea and a baked treat as a quick pick-me-up. And having a cute, simple trivet or hotpad nearby makes the ritual even better.

My Afternoon Trivet is perfect for setting out my tea cup or warmed plate of muffins.

It’s a simple garter stitch hotpad worked with DK or light worsted weight cotton yarn held double. The border is an a attached I-Cord that includes a detached loop for easy hanging.

I love the simplicity of the Afternoon Trivet. The garter stitch is nice and cushy for my mugs, and the border gives it a really finished look.

I used Lion Bran Yarn’s Comfy Cotton Blend in the Chai Latte color. It was my first time using this yarn, and I loved it! It’s a Cotton/poly blend so it has good weight but is a little softer than a lot of pure cotton yarns. It washes well, and these varied colors of pinks, creams, tans and blues work so well together.

This pattern doesn’t require much yarn (approximately 200 yards of DK or light worsted weight yarn held double), so it’s a great (and quick!) stashbusting project. But I did buy and use part of two skeins when I used the Comfy Cotton Blend. I found it was easier to hold the yarn double when the strands are coming from two separate skeins. You can easily use one ball, though (and you’ll still have yarn leftover) — you’ll just have to find both the beginning and end of the strand of yarn in the skein so you can hold the yarn double. Not impossible … just something I didn’t want to bother with at the time!

I hop you enjoy this free pattern. It’s a fantastic quick project for you, and would be a great gift to send to friends and family. Or you can even pair it with some wooden spoons or a cookbook and give as part of a housewarming gift!

The full pattern for Afternoon Trivet is below, or download a PDF of the pattern on Ravelry.

Tag me @knitjulep on Instagram so I can see your Afternoon Trivets! And share your projects on Ravelry ♥

Happy knitting!
Knit Julep

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Free Pattern: Afternoon Trivet

A simple garter hotpad with I-Cord edge
By Kim Wilkerson of Knit Julep

Garter Stitch, Attached I-Cord

7.5 inches by 7.5 inches square

* Yarn: Approximately 200 yards DK or light worsted weight cotton blend yarn

Note: Yarn is held double throughout the entire pattern. I used two separate skeins to make it easier to hold double, but you could use just one if you’re comfortable finding the beginning and end from a single skein and holding double.

Sample shown in Lion Brand Yarn Comfy Cotton Blend (50% cotton, 50% polyester; 392 yd [358 m / 200 g])
Color: Chai Latte

Needles: Size 9 regular needles & pair of Size 8 double-pointed needles

Notions: Tapestry needle

15 sts and 16 rows = 4 inches in garter stitch with yarn held double


Part 1: Knitted Square

1. Hold yarn double and tie knot at ends to keep them together (see photo).

2. With Size 9 needles, cast on 28 stitches.

3. Slip first stitch as if to purl with yarn in back. Knit 26 stitches. Purl last stitch.

4. Repeat Step 3 until piece measures 7 inches from cast on edge (approximately 24 rows).

5. Bind off. Break yarn.

Part 2: Attached I-Cord

Note: Look for the clean bind off, purl, cast on, and slip stitch edges around your square. These will be your guide for where to insert your needle in the next steps.  I’ll refer to these as “slots.”

1. Hold yarn double and tie knot at ends to keep them together

2. With Size 8 double-pointed needles, cast on 3 stitches.

3. Knit 2 stitches. Slip third stitch purlwise with yarn in back. Do not turn work.

4. Insert left point of needle into the first “slot” on the top right edge of your knitted square from Part 1.

5. Wrap yarn around needle and pull through to pick up 1 stitch. You now have 4 stitches on the needle.

6. Pass second from left stitch over the stitch you just picked up (first from left). You now have 3 stitches on the needle. Do not turn work. Slide stitches to opposite end of needle and keep working yarn in back.

7. Repeat from Steps 3-6 around all 4 sides of your knitted square, inserting your needle in the next available “slot” when picking up a stitch.

When you come to the corners, do not break yarn. Just pick up the first available “slot” on the next side.

8. When you finish the fourth side, you will be at the corner where you began. Do not break yarn. Knit a regular I-Cord for 4 inches like so:

Knit 3 stitches. Do not turn work. Slide stitches to opposite end of needle and repeat, keeping yarn in back when you begin knitting the next row.

9. Bind off, leaving a 10 inch tail. Weave the tail into the starting point of your Attached I-Cord and graft the ends together as best you can, forming a loop and being careful to not twist stitches. Weave in all ends.

That’s it! Tag me @knitjulep on Instagram so I can see your Afternoon Trivets! And share your projects on Ravelry ♥

Knit Julep | Text & Photos (c) Kimberly Wilkerson 2020 | Patterns are for personal use only.


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