Cheers to 2015!

Happy New Year! I’m sorting through my stashes (and stashes) of yarn I’ve collected over the past year. Who knew you could collect so much yarn yet have so few projects to show for it? Oh well. I think it’s the endless options of patterns I could make from my stash that makes me happy to keep it. That being said though, 2015 is my year to put it to use!

My Berroco collection alone (a hint of which you’ll see below) could yield some really great projects. Hats became my thing in 2014, so I’m wondering what it will be in 2015. Will I take on another smaller accessory? I’m dying to make a striped shawl/scarf out of the tan/cream/turquoise yarns. And I think pompom garland may be my solution for those ends and odds of yarn I can’t throw away. But I also want to challenge myself to do larger projects, like another sweater or maybe even a blanket.

So here’s to 2015 and a brand new crafty start!



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