Introducing The Juniper Stretch Beanie

The knitting pattern for Juniper Stretch Beanie, a bulky knit hat with stretch you won’t believe, is now available! This hat is one of my personal favorites. I’ve been wearing it and selling finished versions of it at craft markets for over a year. The biggest selling point of the Juniper Stretch Beanie is theContinue reading “Introducing The Juniper Stretch Beanie”

Introducing The Plume Cables Beanie

The knitting pattern for Plume Cables Beanie, a cabled knit beanie inspired by a peacock’s plume, has a fresh new look! This hat was one of my very first designs way back in 2014, and it’s been a staple in my winter wardrobe ever since. I thought it was time to give the written patternContinue reading “Introducing The Plume Cables Beanie”

8 Must-Haves To Keep In Your Knitting Bag

I’ve been caught too many times without the proper knitting tool. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a work-in-progress aside because I couldn’t find a tapestry needle, stitch holder or some other tiny object that I needed to finish the piece. And then I uncover the project 5 months later, unfinished andContinue reading “8 Must-Haves To Keep In Your Knitting Bag”

‘Game Of Thrones’ Knits And My First MKAL

It may be the final season of “Game of Thrones,” but it’s my first knit-a-long. And I admit I’m more excited about the mysterious shawl I’ll be making than what’s going to happen in Westeros. I’m not a hardcore “Game of Thrones” fan, but I’ve enjoyed watching the drama play out. Sunday is the premiere ofContinue reading “‘Game Of Thrones’ Knits And My First MKAL”

What to Knit: The Fall Edition

Autumn is my time. It’s the excitement of seeing the leaves change, feeling the crisp air return after a long, hot summer, and seeing so many great new things to knit on magazine and book shelves. I recently went to the bookstore to flip through some of the latest issues of my favorite knitting magazines,Continue reading “What to Knit: The Fall Edition”

A Visit to My Local Alpaca Farm (And Baby Hats!)

A dream of mine is to quit my job and WWOOF for a year on a working fiber farm. Whether or not I would (or could) actually make that happen is still up in the air. So when I discovered there was a working alpaca farm only about an hour away from me and that theyContinue reading “A Visit to My Local Alpaca Farm (And Baby Hats!)”