A Visit to My Local Alpaca Farm (And Baby Hats!)

A dream of mine is to quit my job and WWOOF for a year on a working fiber farm. Whether or not I would (or could) actually make that happen is still up in the air. So when I discovered there was a working alpaca farm only about an hour away from me and that they gave tours, I immediately made a reservation.

Southern Estate Alpacas in Adairsville, Ga., is a small family farm in the hills of Northwest Georgia. They mostly raise and breed champion alpacas, but they’re beginning to make their own 100% alpaca yarn. They’re passionate about what they do and want to educate the public about the industry. But most importantly, they offer visitors some quality time with their award-winning alpacas.

Alpacas really are friendly. And no, they don’t spit as much as people lead you to believe they do.
Feeding time!
Freshly sheared, just a couple weeks before my visit.

After talking with the owner, I’ve made some baby hats for their on-site store! All are brand-new patterns, and I’ll be writing up the pattern instructions in the next few weeks to sell online.

Until then, here’s a peek at what they look like!


Have you visited your local fiber farm? Look them up online and see if they give tours! It’s a great experience to talk with the breeders, learn about the process, and know which alpaca/sheep/goat you can thank (by name!) for your skein of yarn.

And don’t forget to invite me to go with you!








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