What to Knit: The Fall Edition

Autumn is my time. It’s the excitement of seeing the leaves change, feeling the crisp air return after a long, hot summer, and seeing so many great new things to knit on magazine and book shelves.

I recently went to the bookstore to flip through some of the latest issues of my favorite knitting magazines, and came home with the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of knit.purl and the Fall 2015 edition of Vogue Knitting.


 But as soon as I opened knit.purl and saw designer Amanda Bell’s Skinny Pop Pullover, I knew that was the sweater with which I wanted to welcome the coming cold weather. It has a classic feel, just enough detail to keep it interesting, long lines so I don’t have to extend the length for my torso, and just a pop (or, “skinny pop”) of beautiful fall color that will keep it (fingers crossed) a staple in my wardrobe for years to come. I ordered the yarn this morning, so as soon as it arrives, expect my needles to be busy knitting away.


In the meantime, what am I keeping busy with? Stash busting!

I just recently finished a cotton sweater for in-between seasons that used up some yarn that I bought (cough, cough) five years ago. I love the drop shoulder and visible seaming in Patty Lyons’ #01 Scoop-Neck Pullover.

magentapullover1     magentapullover2

And now for something that takes less focus when following the pattern but has perhaps even more impact, I’m working on Color Affection by Veera Välimäki. Sometimes you need a pattern palette cleanse after making a sweater, right?


So here’s to fall knitting and finishing more projects rather than just buying new stashes of yarn!

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