The 2017 Knitting Challenge

January 2017

I’ve decided 2017 will be THE year.

The year for more…
dreaming big
…and designing big.

Yes, I know this declaration is nothing new to read. January is when we’re all thinking about how to make this year better than the last. But this year I’m feeling really motivated. (Maybe a 30th birthday at the end of the year has something to do with it.)

I know exactly what makes me happy, what makes me feel refreshed, and what I want to work towards. I want more of the good stuff! And for me, that’s THIS. Knitting, writing, envying other knitter’s projects, and learning new techniques.

And that brings me to the 2017 Knitting Challenge.

I love lists, and one of the last things I did in 2016 before the holidays was make my 2017 Knitting Challenge list. So this year will be all about crossing off each line and having fun along the way.

What’s in my 2017 Knitting Challenge? I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve picked a variety of techniques, methods and experiences to fine tune my knitting skills and challenge me as a designer. They won’t all be complicated, but they’ll all be fun to try out. I’ll choose a new one each month and will be blogging along the way. So hopefully by the end of the year I can say that I’m better at my craft. Or that at least I tried 🙂

2017 Knitting Challenge List

  • Brioche
  • Steeking
  • Welting
  • Fair Isle
  • Double-Sided Color Knitting
  • 2-at-a-Time Socks
  • Duplicate Stitch
  • Latvian Braid
  • Arm Knitting (new addition, see below…)
    Completed February 2017! Check out the post here >
  • Participate in a Knit-A-Long (KAL)
  • Use My Knitting Loom
  • Adapt a Pattern
  • Make My Own Version of Something I See in a Magazine, Movie, TV, Etc.

So stay tuned, join me in your own knitting challenge, and wish me luck!

P.S. Have a technique you’d like to see me try? Leave a comment below! I’ll try to work it in as a bonus #13.

UPDATE: My boyfriend reminded me about the project we were supposed to do together – arm knitting a macro blanket. How could I forget that? So arm knitting is now included, too!

January 2017


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