‘Game Of Thrones’ Knits And My First MKAL

It may be the final season of “Game of Thrones,” but it’s my first knit-a-long. And I admit I’m more excited about the mysterious shawl I’ll be making than what’s going to happen in Westeros. I’m not a hardcore “Game of Thrones” fan, but I’ve enjoyed watching the drama play out. Sunday is the premiere ofContinue reading “‘Game Of Thrones’ Knits And My First MKAL”

Knitting Challenge: Arm Knitting

The 2017 Knitting Challenge is officially underway! This post is belated, but on the last weekend of January I decided to tackle an item off my Knitting Challenge list — arm knitting. Arm knitting really started showing up in magazines and all over Pinterest last year or so. It’s easy for non-knitters to pick up since noContinue reading “Knitting Challenge: Arm Knitting”

The 2017 Knitting Challenge

I’ve decided 2017 will be THE year. The year for more… knitting reading organizing learning stashbusting writing dreaming big …and designing big. Yes, I know this declaration is nothing new to read. January is when we’re all thinking about how to make this year better than the last. But this year I’m feeling really motivated.Continue reading “The 2017 Knitting Challenge”